about me

about me

کوله باری از تجربه

I am Saeed Jafari I have been doing artistic activities for many years, most of these activities have been done under the nickname “Rasa”.

My first commercial work was published 16 years ago as a graphic designer in 2008 Since then, I have always tried to enter other sectors related to advertising and branding

Today and over the years, I have made many achievements in the field of motion graphics, video and animation. I have shared some of them with you on this website

Sincerely Saeed Jafari (RASA)

Contact me directly: 09157031006

Some of the companies and industries that I have had the honor of working with:

Ministry of Health and Medical Education
Police Command of Khorasan Razavi Province (Deputy Public Relations and Advertising)
Khorasan Razavi Agricultural Jihad Organization (Ideological Education Unit)
Sports and Youth Organization of Khorasan Razavi Province
Forensic Medicine Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Khorasan Razavi Entrepreneurs Center
Khorasan Razavi Governorate (Investment Service Center)
Tehran University of Medical Sciences (immune deficiency research center)
Khorasan Razavi Exporters Union
Mashhad International Exhibitions Company. Expo
Union of importers of raw materials and capital goods of Khorasan
Red Crescent Youth Organization
Astan Qods Razavi
Publications of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Investment service center of Yazd province
Association of knowledge-based companies of Khorasan Razavi
Khorasan Science and Technology Park
South Khorasan International Exhibition Company (Birjand)
Khorasan Razavi Flower and Plant, Seed and Seedling Producers Guild
Shir Pegah Industries Co
Mashhad Flight Care Professionals Society

New Insurance (Toos Collection Group 3190)
Saba Tadbir and Development Company
Iman Tejarat Roshan Co
Ariana Trading Company Saba System
Rokh Plastic Co., Ltd
Mashhad baking industry company
Norsazan Lighting Industries
Aftab Leather Co
Almas Saze Roshan Co
Hareem Haram mass builders company
Osveh Asia Medical Equipment Company
Golden Yas Co
Ferdowsi Commercial Research Group

And hundreds of other collections…

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