Saeed Jafari
Graphic Designer/ animator/ narrator

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Graphic Design

Web design

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Things I can do for you


Graphic Design

Designing advertisements and promotional posters, urban billboards, magazines and publications, books, etc.


Logo Design

Logo and logotype design at the global level in accordance with the standards of the world


Motion Graphic

Writing scenarios and making motion graphics and animations


3D Design

3D design of elements, objects, industrial equipment and making 3D animation from them


Advertising films

Production of commercial and industrial clips and teasers and video editing and montage


Website Graphic

Website design using CRM software at a reasonable cost


My Skills

Professional graphic design with vector software
Master in filming equipment and directing industrial and advertising projects
Mastery of 3D software for creating 3D images and animation
Idea maker in creating cartoon characters and 2D animation
Editing of advertising films, narration and dubbing of short films
Complete mastery in implementing WordPress sites
سعید رسا

Implementation process

How I do projects

Contact and advice

Contract and deposit

Prototype design

Editing and final approval

Project support

Whatever category your project is in, all aspects must be checked first. For example, most graphic design projects are time-consuming and expensive.

In addition to being time-consuming, motion graphics and animation projects need a scenario approved by you, which may not be an easy task to write and implement!

In 3D design, your goal is very important; Is this plan going to be published in the media? Or is it going to get to the architect?! Filming projects only give good results at certain hours of the day, aerial filming can only be done in certain areas, and there is a possibility of drone interception in prohibited areas!

If you are very obsessed with website design, WordPress templates alone will not solve your needs and you will need a programmer and....

In many cases, writing a contract will prevent misunderstandings! Of course, many routine tasks do not really need to write a contract. For example, in logo design, it is enough to fill out a special form for the customer's preferences.

In accepting orders, receiving a deposit after cost estimation is the first step of starting any project. Usually, 50 to 80 percent of the amount of a project (depending on the type of project) is received at the beginning so that the work becomes official.

It is not possible to start any project before writing a contract and obtaining a deposit.

Primary studies are high-quality studies that are accepted as the final design in many cases!

These essays are standard and all professional principles are observed in them Of course, there are as many different tastes as there are people on the planet! And the possibility that these plans are not liked is high. But the preliminary study of the map will be a good way to continue the design process and will save the designer from confusion and "blind planning".

Editing a design is inevitable and must be done several times to completely match the customer's opinion. Warning: this part may be long and boring! Editing some design projects may take up to six months! To prevent the erosion of this stage, it is necessary to know a few things:

1- Trust me! Get standard work!... Changing point to point and part to part of a design will ultimately reduce the quality of the work and make it out of standard. And this is something that you will only notice after a year.

2- Obsessing and paying too much attention to the opinions of different people will eventually cause you dissatisfaction! You are the final decision maker!

3- Don't rush! Pay close attention to the design, you will find out more!

The sweet part of every project! Depending on the content of each project, the form of its delivery will also be different.
For example: in logo design, you will receive a package including 2D simple logos, a logo without background, a logo with different colors, a vector file and a 3D file.
In website design, you will have two free training sessions on site panel management and 6-month support.
In filming projects, you will receive the raw rushes and the final quality file and...
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